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Many Calgarians slow to jump on board Earth Day

Cynthia Croskey isn’t going to do anything special for Earth Day today — but that’s because she didn’t even know it was Earth Day.

“I have no plans because I had no idea, but I live too far to bike to work and I don’t really know what else I would do,” she admitted.

But Croskey isn’t the only Calgarian with no special plans. When Metro asked Calgarians on the street what they are doing, most said they were treating it like every other day.

Green Calgary spokesperson and interim executive Geoff Braun said they would love it if all Calgarians jumped on board, but they realize it’s a transition.

“Certainly a lot of Calgarians have made strides and changes to their lifestyles, and Earth Day is a way of recognizing that, but there is still a lot of work to do,” Braun said.

But Green Calgary said people can also make an effort year round, not just for one day or one week.

“A lot of people already do a lot of things more environmentally conscious, and we just want to let people know it’s not too hard to do that year-round,” Braun added.

Ward 11 Ald. Brian Pincott also encouraged Calgarians to make those little lifestyle changes that could have huge benefits for the environment.

“I think a lot of people who have made the changes realize what little impact it’s had on their lifestyle and how easy it is to do,” Pincott said.

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