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MAP: Where are free outdoor pools in NYC?

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There are plenty of free things to do in NYC and since its summer, you should check out one of the many free outdoor pools the city has to offer to beat the heat. 

As we endure some of the warmest days of the year, you might want to check out some of the free pools in your area to cool off, practice your swimming technique or lessons so you can finally learn how to swim.  Check out our easy guide and map to learn where the pools are located and basic tips before you go including what you can and cannot bring to your local pool.

Free outdoor pools in NYC

According to the New York City Parks Department there are 53 free outdoor pools located throughout the city’s five boroughs. The Parks Department notes that three of the pools are currently closed for repairs and updates.

HS 57/HS 26 Pool in Brooklyn is currently closed for reconstruction through the NY Community Parks Initiative, Liberty Pool in Detective Keith L. Williams Park in Queens is closed for repairs, and PS 14 Playground Pool on Staten Island is closed for reconstruction.  Information about what is being done to repair pools at these locations can be found on the NYC Parks Department website.

NYC pool hours

Pools opened on June 27 this year and will remain open daily until September 8. NYC outdoor pools are open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST and close each day from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. for cleaning. 

NYC outdoor pools: What you need to know

Anyone who wishes to use one of the pools in NYC must wear a swimsuit at all times. New York City Parks Department officials may check men’s shorts to make sure they have a lining. 

Babies and toddlers should wear swim diapers before entering the water. Strollers are allowed inside the park but the Parks Department is not responsible for watching them.

If you’re heading to the pool maks sure you have a sturdy lock to keep your valuables safe. Luggage any lock that does not appear to be sturdy are not accepted.

According to the New York City Parks Department, you should consider leaving home the following items:

— Glass bottles
— Newspapers
— Electronics
— Jewelry
— Credit cards

For more information visit the NYC Parks Department outdoor pools page. 

Free outdoor pools in nyc map

Free swimming lessons in NYC

The New York City Parks Department offers free swimming lessons at several parks around the city. Swim classes are avaialble for toddlers (ages 1 1/2 to 5 years old), children ( ages 6 to 17) and adults (18 and older). To find out how to register for free swimming lessons in NYC, visit the Parks Department’s registration page. 

MAP: Free outdoor pools in NYC

Here’s a simple map that shows where all the free outdoor pools are at in New York City. Stay cool.

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