Marc Malusis: Carmelo Anthony is right to stay mum on his future plans – Metro US

Marc Malusis: Carmelo Anthony is right to stay mum on his future plans

Marc Malusis: Carmelo Anthony is right to stay mum on his future plans
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Good For Carmelo Anthony.

After the Saturday night loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers at Madison Square Garden, Anthony told reporters that he does not want to talk about his no-trade clause anymore. Good for him.

How many times do you have to address your future and what you are thinking and where do you want to play?

The Knicks are a 30-44 basketball team and are not playoff bound this season. It is a year in which we saw Kristaps Porzingis flash, crash and flash again during his rookie season.

There is very little doubt that the Latvian rookie has a bright future in the NBA as long as he stays healthy. It is a year in which there has been a coaching change, out went Derek Fisher and in stepped Kurt Rambis.

People have also questioned the future of Knicks President Phil Jackson. Is he committed to the task at hand? How patient do you need to be before you start to see results? Why have the results not come as quickly as many expected? Why are free agents not flocking to New York to play for Jackson and the Knicks?

Drama is always right around the corner with the Knicks as that has become the norm since James Dolan has taken over as owner. This year has been more of the same. So on Saturday night, Carmelo Anthony said he will no longer feed the beast, feed the drama and does not want to discuss his future anymore.

Anthony is a perfect example of the last impact of first impressions. Even though he has said time and time again that he wants to stay and win in New York, people continue to try and drive him out of town. Even though he has adjusted his game this year, people have stuck to the old and stale script that Anthony is a selfish basketball player. Even thought we all know that change does take time, there is a clamoring for why it has taken so long with the Knicks. Relax, everything does take time.

Anthony has told everyone that he wants to stay and win here in New York, yet people do not believe him. His past play and his past responses are to blame. But maybe, Anthony has changed. Maybe, just maybe, we should believe what he is saying that he wants to remain here and wants to try and win here. Heck, his college coach, Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim continued to echo the sentiment that Anthony should have signed with Chicago when he was a free agent two summers ago, but he wants to stay and wants to win in New York.

In an interview that aired on ESPN last Wednesday, Anthony said, “I came here for a reason, which was to win in New York. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case thus far, but I feel like I have unfinished business to take care of. And I feel like, I don’t know maybe it’s just me, if I just get up and run away from something that I started, that I feel a part of and that’s not done yet, then I think I would carry that burden on my shoulders.”

I believe him. Maybe we should all start to believe him and start to bury past impressions. Anthony continues to trumpet his commitment to this city and this team. He is not looking to cut and run. He said it last week and when he made the decision to stop the conversation Saturday night, he looked to end his side of the drama.

Good for Anthony. Hopefully people start to listen.