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Marc Malusis: Jets fans should be thankful Rex Ryan is someone else’s problem

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You should be happy that the circus is now in Buffalo.

I am speaking to Jets fans as they are still savoring their team’s victory Thursday night in Orchard Park against Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills. Thursday night was an example of a game where the margin of victory did not truly indicate how tilted the field was to one team. There is no question about it who was the better team and it was the Jets.

The news came down Friday that the Bills had fired offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Rex Ryan said it was his decision to let go of Roman and he was not pushed by management in any way, shape or form to make a change. Reports now emulating from Buffalo have not exactly painted the Roman-Ryan relationship in the kindest light. Whether you view the Roman dismissal as a scapegoat firing is up to the individual. Maybe he was a distraction firing. Whatever it was, Ryan made it perfectly clear that it was his move.

This is not to debate the merits of Greg Roman as an offensive coordinator. I was honestly quite surprised to learn he was the highest paid offensive coordinator in the NFL. It is interesting to see the reports that Roman thought Ryan was a “buffoon” and being on his coaching staff would not be good for his career. Roman had no issue cashing the checks and is now looking for work.

Ryan is a curious case. He is like the boy who cried wolf. We all love his quotes and his blustery statements. He certainly gave the Jets an identity and is trying to do the same in Buffalo for an organization that has not made it to the postseason since 1999. But the juice is not worth the squeeze any longer.

Ryan is an engaging personality. He is likeable. You want him to be successful. He talks a big game and his presence and press conferences have been good for the NFL. He would certainly be a guy that you would love to belly up to the bar with and have a few cold ones as he discusses his time on the NFL sidelines.

But there comes a point in time when it is no longer about a quote or a statement but the substance of the statement. Aside from his first two seasons with the Jets, there is not much substance to Rex Ryan the head coach. He has talked a good game, but the results have not followed.

Todd Bowles has not yet defined his Jets coaching career. Initial results and impressions are good but the journey is in the early stages. He does not give you a good quote. His press conferences are dry and to the point. He does not look to bring attention to himself and divert it from the team. Bowles is all about team from the moment he wakes up every morning.

Ryan has become about everything else. He is gaining weight with his brother Rob to show solidarity. He is riding around a park on a double bike with Rob. Facts are facts and Ryan has not had a winning season in five years. I know Ryan is likeable and has a great personality and he gave the Jets an identity. He wore out his welcome and over time his message started to ring hollow.

There is a lot to complain about when you are a Jets fan. What you should be thankful for is the circus now resides in Orchard Park and not Florham Park.

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