March Madness 2018 free live stream, TV: Friday Mar. 16 - Metro US

March Madness 2018 free live stream, TV: Friday Mar. 16

When it comes to the first round of the NCAA Tournament, there’s no rest for the weary. 

For the second-straight day in which basketball fans are glued to their TV’s, computers and smartphones, 16 games of first-round action will be on display for the better part of 12 hours.

On Wednesday, we were treated to some exhilarating games and photo finishes, including No. 11 Loyola-Chicago’s upset of No. 6 Miami, as the “Madness” got going early:

Loyola’s win along with No. 13 Buffalo’s over No. 4 Arizona did plenty of damage to plenty of brackets as, through 16 games, the dream of perfect predictions ended for almost all college basketball fans looking to play Nostradamus:


But the dream is a love for a select few and they’ll likely be glued to each and every game going down on Friday. 

Here is how you can catch all the action.

2018 NCAA Tournament viewing schedule: Friday, Mar. 16

All games can be viewed for free online at NCAA.com

12:15 p.m. ET: No. 10 Providence vs. Texas A&M, CBS

12:40 p.m.: No. 15 Cal State Fullerton vs.  No. 2 Purdue, TRU TV

1:30 p.m.: No. 13 Marshall vs. No. 4 Wichita State, TNT

2 p.m.: No. 15 Georgia State vs. No. 2 Cincinnati, TBS

2:45 p.m.: No. 15 Lipscomb vs. No. 2 North Carolina, CBS

3:10 p.m.: No. 10 Butler vs. No. 7 Arkansas, TRU TV

4 p.m.: No. 12 Murray State vs.  No. 5 West Virginia, TNT

4:30 p.m.: No. 10 Texas vs. No. 7 Nevada, TBS

6:50 p.m.: No. 9 Kansas State vs. No. 8 Creighton, TNT

7:10 p.m.: No. 14 Bucknell vs. No. 3 Michigan State, CBS

7:15 p.m.: No. 16 Texas Southern vs. No. 1 Xavier, TBS

7:27 p.m.: No. 13 Charleston vs. No. 4 Auburn, TRU TV

9:20 p.m.: No. 16 UMBC vs. No. 1 Virginia, TNT

9:30 p.m.: No. 11 Syracuse vs. No 6 TCU, CBS

9:50 p.m.: No. 9 Florida State vs. No. 8 Missouri, TBS

9:57 p.m.: No. 12 New Mexico vs. No. 5 Clemson, TRU TV


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