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March to movie world from web

How do you land a deal to write, direct and star in your own movie with a major film studio?

Well, upload your funniest gags on the Internet of course. Hey, it worked for Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger.

Two-fifths of the sketch comedy troupe Whitest Kids U Know, Moore and Cregger somehow went from uploading wacky homemade videos on YouTube to signing a major deal to make the comedy Miss March (in theatres next Friday).

“We owe everything to the Internet,” admitted Moore during a recent interview in Toronto. “We started putting our stuff online (right around the time YouTube launched). There wasn’t a whole lot of sketch comedy on YouTube yet so we kind of benefitted from just being there right at the beginning.”

That they did. But with all the Kids’ fame (their web page claims over three million monthly visitors after all), stepping straight into the shoes of big-screen big-wigs would not be an easy adjustment.

“Our show’s a low-budget program that I think we make it look really good for the amount of money that we spend on it but our crew is probably 20 people,” said Moore. “When we got to the movie, there’s like eighty or a hundred people that are all running around and you’re like, ‘I’ve never seen that person before; I don’t know any of these people’ and it was a little overwhelming.”

Eventually, Moore and Cregger got over their daunting task and put forth a teen comedy about a young guy who awakens from a coma only to be whisked off on a zany road trip by a pal bent on reuniting him with a high school sweetheart-turned-Playboy centerfold.

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