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Margot Robbie on how the film industry needs to progress after Hollywood sex scandal

Margot Robbie at the premiere for I, Tonya

While the dust is far from settled on the Hollywood sex scandal that has brought the careers of Louis C.K., Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and numerous others to an end, the first signs of progression and change have started to emerge in the film industry.

During my recent interview with James Franco the actor spoke about how the industry had taken the first tentative steps to bring the years of institutionalized sexism to an end. Margot Robbie has now echoed this sentiment, insisting that people are now asking, “How do we fix this?”

“Obviously people have reacted. But I think it was important how people have pivoted from, ‘This is horrible,’ to, ‘How do we fix this?’ That to me was inspiring that everyone recognized that something was wrong. And that something was wrong with the system, and how do we change it?”

In order for the industry to change Robbie wants there to be a complete overhaul of the system. This includes introducing new “procedures” and “resources” that make sure anything even remotely similar to the Hollywood sex scandal can’t and won’t take place again, let alone be ignored for so long.

“I think putting new systems and new procedures in place, and having the resources to do that is going to make sure that change actually happens. This can’t be brushed under the rug.”

Robbie was ubiquitous with her praise for the women that have come forward after being abused and harassed by men in the industry, insisting that the resilience they have shown is prevalent in every female she knows.

“In life, in films, when you see women being resilient, that’s the truth of women to me. That is the number one word that sums up women and why they can do the things that they do. Women are incredibly resilient. Anatomically speaking it is proven, and in life. It will never cease to amaze me how resilient women are.”

Female resilience is a prominent theme in Margot Robbie’s new film “I, Tonya,” which is released in New York on December 8 and will hit cinemas across the U.S. over the coming few weeks.

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