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Mark Cuban majorly hints he is ‘considering’ 2020 run for office

Mark Cuban 2020
Mark Cuban was a guest at the White House in 2015. Will he be a guest of the American people in 2021? Photo: Instagram/mcuban

Mark Cuban 2020 might be more of a reality and less of a Michelle Obama 2020 or Oprah Winfrey 2020. The star of the reality show Shark Tank is seriously hinting at a 2020 run for the Oval Office, saying he wouldn’t be “anything like Donald Trump.”

Bloomberg’s Jonathan Bernstein wrote in the article Democrats’ Pick in 2020 Won’t Be Found on IMDb: “If [President Donald] Trump keeps to his current path and is widely regarded as an unsuccessful president, it seems at least plausible that party leaders will try hard to avoid a repeat. It’s true that Trump proved that a reality-television star could win the highest office.

“But it’s also true that celebrities who test the political waters get far more attention than they deserve —at least in most cases.”

Is Mark Cuban getting more attention than he deserves? The Mavericks owner said Trump might have put a bad taste in the voters’ mouths, but seriously hinted at a Mark Cuban 2020 run.  

“Anybody who knows me, anyone who listens to me, anybody who talks to me isn’t going to think I’m anything like Donald Trump,” Cuban told Bakari Sellers on Tuesday on the CNN contributor’s new podcast, “ViewPoint.”

“If I can come up with solutions that I think people can get behind and truly solve problems, then it makes perfect sense for me to run,” Cuban added. Cuban specifically mentioned his interest in working on health care and tax reform.

Cuban also said he wouldn’t divest from his business holdings, and he would handle his affairs differently than Trump.

“The problem isn’t that [Trump] still owns them,” Cuban said. “The problem is that he isn’t transparent about them.”

“I would have no problem making it available for anybody in government, any inspector general, to see all the data real time, every minute of every day.

Cuban added he’d have “no problem” releasing his tax returns — something that Trump has yet to do.

Cuban also retweeted this:

So, is that a yes, Mr. Cuban?


When you look good…you look good. An amazing night at the White House. Who would have thunk ..

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