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Mark Fiorino: Open-Carry Case Delayed Until September

Though 25-year-old Mark Fiorino was licensed to carry, he had a run-in with Philadelphia Police while open carrying in Northeast Philadelphia back in February.

Though people are permitted to openly carry in the city as long as they have their license with them, a heated confrontation broke out.

Fiorino had a recorder on him. When he posted the tape on YouTube, it ignited some heated open-carry debate, already a heated issue as it is.

He was in court yesterday as his disorderly conduct and recklessly endangering the welfare of another person case was scheduled for trial. (The charges allegedly stemmed from his being uncooperative, not for carrying a weapon legally).

However, the prosecution requested more time for investigation and they got it. The case, which isn’t expected to last a full court day, will now be heard on Sept. 15.
Fiorino’s attorney Joseph Valvo requested Internal Affairs files, but didn’t expect to see much since there’s still an open investigation of the case.

Here’s what Fiorino posted online:

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