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Mark your calendars: Here’s how to get free Dunkin Donuts cold brew

free dunkin donuts coffee
Photo: Courtesy of Dunkin Donuts

Celebrate spring in one of the best ways possible: with free Dunkin Donuts coffee. Maybe it’s up for debate as to whether spring is really, actually, finally here since the weather isn’t cooperating, but there’s one thing that doesn’t cause any confusion: free coffee. It’s always a good thing.

Plus, either way it’s a win. If the weather is great, it’s the perfect celebration to make the arrival of spring that much sweeter. If Mother Nature decides to pull the temperature equivalent of a glass of wine to the face, well then, at least you can console yourself with free Dunkin Donuts coffee.

How to get free Dunkin Donuts coffee

OK, so we’re not talking about just any old free Dunkin Donuts coffee. The popular coffee chain is looking to convince you that their cold brew is worth swapping your order every once in a while (spoiler: it is) by giving out free tasters (3.5 oz) of their cold brew that steeped in cold water for 12 hours instead of being brewed hot and then chilled like that iced coffee that’s been your go-to for warmer weather months.

Dunkin has dubbed the day their “Cold Brew tasting event,” and you should mark your calendars now for Friday, April 6. The free Dunkin Donuts coffee will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at participating locations nationwide, but you might want to make that a mid-morning work break since it’s only available while supplies last.

And, trust us on this one, it’s going to go fast. Free Dunkin Donuts coffee is an offer that can’t be refused anyway, everyone in line in front of you will be hooked and telling friends after one sip of their strong-but-smooth cold brew. People who need a strong daily jolt of caffeine, the cold brew is definitely for you.

free dunkin donuts coffee chocoholic doughnut

Oh yeah, and they just launched a new donut that you’re going to want to order, too. The Caramel Chocoholic Donut is exactly as decadent as it sounds (see it in all its delicious glory in the picture above). We suppose you could get a munchkin if you’re doing your Dunkin run a la Gisele, but this new offering is probably the best bet for busting through work stress when paired with free Dunkin Donuts coffee. Or, in this case, the best way to say TGIF. 


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