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Martha Stewart’s kitchens are a good thing

Last week I was invited to New York City to preview the latest product from Martha Stewart; her new collection of kitchen cabinetry for KraftMaid Cabinetry, which launches in Home Depot stores this month.

The kitchen styles are reminiscent of Martha’s own kitchens and the ones you’ve seen on her television shows and in her magazine. They are casual, simple and detail-oriented; just what you would expect from this queen of organization and style.

They were everything I expected; quality, great looks and very on-trend finishes that will last a long time. What I was not expecting — but what first-time homebuyers who want to upgrade their kitchen will like — is the affordable price. The cabinetry is at entry-level pricing for semi custom kitchens, and starts at $125 per linear foot. I also like that she is offering us a first in affordable kitchens; the painted farmhouse looking style with features that are normally found in high-end kitchens.

Stewart was very charming and forthcoming about her ideas of the perfect kitchen; she loves quality, great organizational options. Beautiful details like shelf brackets, reproduction hardware and durable stone-looking counter tops.

Once installed, you will have a classically-designed kitchen that will last a lifetime.

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