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Martinis confirmed for next 007 film

Bond purists, rejoice. Belvedere Vodka has reportedly signed a multimillion-dollar product placement deal with Sony Pictures — and we didn’t even find out via a leaked email! — to feature Daniel Craig’s super-spy sipping their martinis in next year’s “Spectre,” currently filming in London. This wouldn’t normally be news except that many 007 fans are still sore from the site of Bond slugging back a Heineken in “Skyfall.”

That Heineken product placement, by the way? The deal for it was rumored to be around $47 million and involved Craig doing a pricey commercial for the beer. Of course, product placement is nothing new for the Bond franchise and nothing to complain about, but Heineken? No thank you.

And while the famous vodka martini may be 007’s signature drink, it’s not actually his favorite. Vanity Fair did the noble an time-consuming work of tallying the 317 alcoholic beverages Bond throws back over the course of Ian Fleming’s 14 novels, and he actually drinks more whiskey than anything else. Bond has indulged in 101 servings of the brown liquor, 37 of which were very un-British bourbon.

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