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Marvel to do still more Netflix shows, become the Starbucks of entertainment

Barry Wetcher

As Starbucks once tried to take over every storefront across the globe, Marvel won’t be content until they represent every inch of the entertainment world. Not content to have blockbuster movies planned until 2019, and maybe even 2028, the comics overlords, it was recently announced, may try to do the same for TV.

At the first panel of the Television Critics Association’s press tour, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said their deal with Marvel may “ideally” result in a new season of a show every six months. They’ve already had a hit with “Daredevil,” though Netflix never reveals numbers. Next up is “Jessica Jones,” with Krysten Ritter and David Tenant, then “Luke Cage,” then “The Defenders.”Jon Bernthal was recently cast as The Punisher, a role that already worked out so well for Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson.

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But why stop there? Maybe in the future every week can see a new season, binge-watched in half a weekend, its fans only leaving their apartment to go to the movies to see the next Marvel movie, which will likely reference something buried a third of the way through episode eight of the show that was debuted four weeks before. Who needs books, unless they’re collections of old Marvel comics reissued in the Ultimate-Ultimate-Ultimate editions?

In other news, Netflix also awarded “BoJack Horseman,” about a self-loathing, alcoholic talking horse who spends too much time rewatching the same show and worrying about the same things, a third season. That’s legitimately great. Binge-watch that.

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