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Matching sex appeal with what’s in the bottle

I’m a sucker for a sexy label. In fact, when faced with a wall of wine at a strange liquor store (and I’ve been in lots of them) I like to pretend I don’t know one grape from another and simply let my eyes be my guide.

One thing I’ve learned playing this game is that all too often cool names and pretty pictures are wrapped around bottles filled with plain old average juice. That said, there are some winemakers that are able to balance their look with their liquid personality in a way that jumps off the shelf and out of your glass.

A great example is the 2009 SeaGlass Sauvignon Blanc ($14.05 – $15.25) from California’s Trinchero Family Estates. Using photorealistic images of colourful sea worn glass on a clean, sun bleached background the label speaks volumes to the wines refreshing tropical flavours and affinity for casual dining (especially shellfish)

– Peter Rockwell is the everyman’s wine writer, working in the liquor industry for more than 25 years and travelling the globe looking for something to fill his glass and put into words.

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