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Matt Bellassai brings his whining to Boston

Matt Bellassai

A lot of people whine on the Internet, but not many have been able to turn their constant complaining into a career like Matt Bellassai.

The comedian first rose to social media stardom with his hit online series “Whine About It” for Buzzfeed. Taking issue with everything from bad roommates to the worst parts about fall, Bellassai drew in millions of views each week with his wine-fueled rants and raves.

After winning a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Social Media Star in 2016, Bellassai eventually parted ways with Buzzfeed to pursue a number of solo projects, including writing his book “Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations,” which debuted earlier this year. Bellassai has been touring the country to promote the new book, as well as show off his standup comedy skills.

Bellassai, who performs at the Wilbur Theatre on Sunday, tells Metro that fans can expect to see him take his over-the-top personality to another level when his live show stops in Boston.

“It’s a more extreme version of what you get of me on the Internet,” Bellassai says. “But it’s a pretty traditional standup set. It’s me telling jokes for a little over an hour or so.”

As someone who’s best known for his work on the Internet, Bellassai is excited by the challenge of translating his comedy to a more “traditional” medium. The online star hopes his material stacks up to other comics in the minds of audiences.

So far on the tour, Bellassai has been thankful to make it out of each city unscathed.

“I’ve survived,” jokes Bellassai. “Every city I make it out alive. That is my measure of success.”

While the award-winning, social media star isn’t afraid to whine about the worst types of people at Starbucks or the habits of annoying couples, don’t expect him to say anything bad about the Hub when he ships up to Boston.

“Honestly, Boston was the one city I was a little scared of,” Bellassai says. “I’ve just heard horror stories of comedians who bomb and then someone like beats them up after. That’s definitely going to happen to me.”

If you go:

Dec. 10, 4 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, 246 Tremont St., Boston, $42, thewilbur.com