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Matt Harvey needs to walk the straight and narrow path: Sid Rosenberg

Matt Harvey walks off the mound during the 2015 NLCS against the Chicago Cubs. (Getty Images)
Matt Harvey's antics have become a distraction within the Mets clubhouse, says Metro columnist Sid Rosenberg.

To put it lightly, the Mets’ season has gotten off to less than an optimal start. The latest mishap in this early-season series of unfortunate events hasn’t even been on the field.

The Mets suspended Matt Harvey three games for failing to show up to the ballpark last weekend. Harvey has since apologized for his actions, but early on, it was reported that he was failing to own up. As a 28-year-old young man, he should be able to own up to his mistakes immediately. 

A professional organization is paying you millions of dollars to work once every five days for seven months out of the year. You should show them more respect.

In 2013, when Matt Harvey was asked about New York, he cited that Derek Jeter would be the model for being a professional athlete in the greatest city on Earth. 

Right off the bat, Harvey made immediate mention of women Jeter dated. 

Shows you where his head is, ultimately. It was not and is still not on the baseball diamond. 

For a guy who has just 31 wins over his first five seasons in the big leagues, Harvey has to set his priorities straight if he wants to live up to his idol’s reign in New York.

Well here’s a news flash Matt: It’s no longer 2013 when you were the “belle of the ball.”

Though I hate to make reference to it, Jeter and the Yankees did win three World Series within his first four seasons. Harvey has been to one Fall Classic over his first five seasons.

Believe me, I cannot completely blame Harvey for some of the choices and actions he has taken. If I was in his position, at his age, in this town, I too would have a tough time with some decisions while staying out of trouble. 

But when you compare yourself to one of the all-time greats in your profession, you should be prepared to back that up.

As an athlete, when you start ending up in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons, it is not only the individual that is affected. Harvey’s actions not only affect his future with the Mets but it creates ripples among the players in the clubhouse who want to respect the organization.

You can imagine how frustrating it is to work toward success alongside someone who is not committed to the goal.

Ironically in all of this, Harvey now actually does end up having a connection with Derek Jeter — and that’s his dating of supermodel Adriana Lima, whom the Yankee captain once had a fling with.

I think it’s about time that Harvey stops trying to swim in Jeter’s wake because he looks to be drowning.

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