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Mature style and sophisticated flair

Like a new leaf on an old plant, new condominium The King East may be rooted within Toronto’s 10 native city blocks at King and Parliament streets, but it emphasizes the modern.

“I’m a big believer in modern architecture,” said Brad J. Lamb, President and CEO of The King East developer, Lamb Development Corp. “Modern architecture, to me, means a lot of glass, steel and concrete, or at least elements of all of those. The whole idea behind it was to deliver something based on the etiquette of design in 2009 — not … from the past.”

The building’s exterior aesthetic also runs through its core, with suites featuring stone counters, glass doors and oak floors.

“We didn’t go with a basic oak or maple. We went with a riff cut, specially stained oak, so it actually looks like a different wood than oak,” said Lamb.

Wood also permeates the kitchen, in cabinets and counter bases. And while Lamb said wood is often associated with the country in Canada, he contends it’s a different story in Europe

“If you buy an Italian kitchen for your apartment in Rome, quite often it will be walnut or cherry. We wanted to deliver a wood kitchen that represented modern technology, thinking and design.”

The King East was designed for a young, urban market, said Lamb, but despite age, he aimed to offer a sophisticated flair to quash mistakes other developers make when targeting the demographic.

“A lot of times when developers are designing for young people, they have like red and yellow and green kitchens, thinking that’s what young people want. Just because the colours are fun, it doesn’t mean young people want them,” Lamb said with a laugh. “We wanted to design a building that had more muted tones with natural materials. It’s mature styling for younger people.”

Suites at The King East range from 452 to 2,486 square feet. Prices start at $149,000 and extend to $1.6 million. For more information, visit thekingeast.com or call 416-214-0333.