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May 14, 2013 – Looking into crystal ball

The bill for B.C.’s wild spending spree is in. If I were the government’s dad I would take away its credit card. A $2.8-billion deficit is a bit rich, especially as it’s a long way from the $495 million Victoria solemnly promised to spend this year.

I guess all those Canada Lines, convention centres and skating ovals cost more than they figured. Don’t forget: The $2.8 billion is for this year only; more deficits are forecast until the 2013-14 fiscal year, when Finance Minister Colin Hansen sees a return to the balanced budgets of yore. It is, no doubt, a coincidence that May 14, 2013, is the date of the next provincial election.

These are fiscal “conservatives.” Imagine what the bill would be if those tax-and-spend socialists were in power. And they may well be, come May 14, 2013, if the electorate can sustain its thirst for vengeance until then.

But we’ve all got political ADD. We may be joining hands and singing Won’t Get Fooled Again right now, but the odds are, we will. Over and over again.

It doesn’t seem likely, however, that Gordon Campbell will be running again, even if he says he is. Do you believe anything this man says? He thinks we can’t handle the truth. By May 14, 2013, he’ll be 65, and while mandatory retirement may not fit the busy, active baby boomer lifestyle, he’s sure to be worn out from spending other peoples’ money and will be looking to slow down … on Maui or some other fancy pasture.

At the other (red) end of the political spectrum, it’s also not likely that Carole James will be sticking around. Her work is done here, whether she admits it or not.

Campbell has shot himself in the foot so many times he doesn’t have to wear sandals to stay cool, but James has been unable to capitalize, and now what’s her budget message? The Liberals are fiscal incompetents and deceitful? Well, yeah, but what’s the alternative?

So it’s conceivable that we’ll have neither Campbell nor James to kick around on May 14, 2013.

And you could see that as a positive development — until you start wondering about who’s next?

Colin Hansen? Surely not until he learns how to count. Anyone in the NDP caucus? Name one. Nope, I think that in the wake of this latest catastrophe, the happiest guy in the province has to be that electable guy from that Happy Planet, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, who can tool around the bike paths of Vancouver looking cool until the time comes to attend the coronation of the, uh, NDP (or maybe the Liberals — who knows?).
On May 14, 2013, see if I’m not right.

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