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Mayor considers topless women in Times Square “unacceptable”


Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to do something about the naked women parading in Times Square.

According to Spokeswoman Karen Hinton, he considers that these women present a quality of life problem and the mayor finds them “unacceptable,” as reported by Ginny Kosola of WCBS 880.

Dozens of women who call themselves “desnuda” the Spanish word for naked, parade around in Times Square bare breasted with thongs and paint over their bodies.

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Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told CBS2 last month that is would be difficult to get rid of the naked women.

“ We cannot find any law that allows us to interfere with that freedom of expression reflective through art form,” said Bratton.

They pose for pictures with tourists for tips and in some have reported being harassed or groped by some of the men. A percentage of their tips also goes to handlers that apparently manage and take care of the women.

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Meanwhile, the Times Square Alliance has been collecting accounts from tourists who have been harassed by the women haggling for money. In some cases, the scantily clad femmes have posed with minors.

Legally, women are allowed to go topless in NYC under the grounds of gender equality.

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