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Mayor Marty Walsh’s Reddit AMA: 5 things to know

boston mayor marty walsh reddit vine Boston Mayor Marty Walsh will participate in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) chat on Thursday.
Credit: City of Boston/Vine

On Thursday afternoon Boston Mayor Marty Walsh participated in a Reddit AMA – or “ask me anything” – session. Questions from users in the online exchange ranged from what Walsh ate for breakfast that morning to if he would require Boston police officers to wear cameras.

Here are five things we learned from Walsh’s Reddit AMA:

1. You can talk to him in Gaelic, just don’t pass him a note in it. A Reddit user posed a question in Gaelic, and according to Google translate the question had something to do with the Irish government. However, Walsh couldn’t answer the question because it wasn’t spoken to him. “I can’t write or read it, but I can understand spoken Gaelic.”

2. He thinks about a new office everyday. More than a few people have called the concrete mass that is City Hall cold, ugly and uninviting and it appears that after only a few months after relocating his office to Government Center, Walsh knows it. In response to a question about renovating City Hall, Walsh said “I think about it everyday.”

3. He prefers Scott Brown stay in New Hampshire. Former U.S. senator Scott Brown has moved on to New Hampshire to explore his chances up there after his 2012 loss and Walsh seems to prefer it that way. One user asked Walsh if he could “take back” Brown and that “New Hampshire doesn’t want or need him.” Walsh was polite in his response: “No thank you.”

4. When it comes to cereal and chowder, he knows what he likes. More than a few food-related questions appeared in the Reddit AMA. Walsh’s replies were direct when asked what is his favorite cereal (Frosted Flakes) and which eatery has the city’s best clam chowder (Legal Sea Foods).

5. He foresees his most difficult challenge will have to do with technology. Walsh was asked what he would like to accomplish that will be the most difficult task to pull off. His response was making sure every Bostonian has easy access to a computer and the Internet. He didn’t offer a more detailed explanation, but in other responses he did mention his team is working on bringing Google Fiber to the city and that he’s for Verizon FIOS being available in Boston.

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