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Mayor Walsh defends cargo shorts, saying they’re ‘most comfortable thing ever’

Mayor Walsh tweeted this photo of himself wearing cargo shorts at the Open Newbury

Last week, a debte about cargo shorts divided the nation. Now, Mayor Marty Walsh has weighed in.
Walsh took to Twitter Monday to add his two cents to the controversial topic, along with a picture of himself decked out in the highly disputed fashion choice.
The internet ire started after Nicole Hong of theWall Street Journal wrote an article titledNice cargo shorts! You’re sleeping on the sofa.
Hong’s story opens with a man who was down to only one pair of cargo shorts because his wife threw away his other pairs. Later on, she features a woman who, Hong writes, “doesn’t like the idea of being seen in public with her husband when he’s wearing cargo shorts, which make him look like a ‘misshapen lump.’”
Hong’s piece sparked altercations all across the web between those who oppose the many-pocketed men’s clothing item and those who consider cargo shorts a summer staple.
Walsh found himself in the middle of that arugment after he wore cargo shorts to Sunday’s “Open Newbury Street” event. After some took to Twitter to mock the Mayor for his fashion choice, he defended the outfit.
“I love my cargo shorts. They are the most comfortabel things ever,” Walsh wrote on Twitter.

Some people agreed with Walsh, like his Chief of Staff Dan Koh, who tweeted “Preach, Boss!” Others showed that they were with Walsh by tweeting pictures of their own cargo shorts.But not everyone felt the same way.

“If you can’t imagine George Clooney, Cary Grant or Don Draper wearing it, please don’t put it on. Regards, Women Everywhere,” one woman tweeted.

”[A] all due respect Mayor cargo shorts are the MuuMuu of middle aged men,” another person replied.

Whether you aggree with Walsh or not, don’t forget—Boston has been named one of the worst dressed cities in the country.

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