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Mayoral candidate Dromarsky goes digital

For Daniel Dromarsky, running for mayor is just simple math.

The Edmonton financier has been crunching the numbers, and expects his mayoral campaign can make use of social media to mobilize what he considered disappointing voter turnout in previous years. And that many of those can be swayed in his favour.

“I feel the mayor should be accessible (through various forms of media),” said Dromarsky, who announced his candidacy via e-mail yesterday.

Dromarsky has said social networking like Twitter and Facebook will be big parts of his campaign, which will focus on LRT expansion, getting a downtown NHL arena built and keeping the City Centre Airport open.

“LRT is important,” Dromarsky said. “I look at Calgary and they’re leaps and bounds ahead of us.”

Dromarsky is @danformayor2010 on Twitter and can be found at his Facebook page, “If I get 75000 members from Edmonton I will run for Mayor.”

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