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Mayors suggests Clean to the Core may get another $1M

Promising no cuts to the city’s Clean to the Core program, the mayor went as far as saying there just might be another $1-million in store for the program next year.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier was speaking at the Centre Safety Impact Team Year in Review yesterday and promised no cuts to the successful program.

“There is a recommendation there are some budget dollars identified within the 2010 budget to further enhance important requirements in centre city,” Bronconnier said.

“It will not go as far as I believe it should, but it will be a step in the right direction.”

Bronconnier said the city will be mindful of keeping property taxes the lowest in the country when deliberating.

“One hundred and twenty-five thousands Calgarians work downtown and another 30,000 live there. It’s the heart of the city and it has to be safe for everyone,” Bronconnier added.

Bronconnier believes the injection might hover around $1 million for the city centre revitalization efforts to continue, which have been successful to date according to program manager Lorna Wallace.

“When Clean to the Core started three years ago, we were experiencing issues around safety and cleanliness. Now we’re seeing results and successes,” she said.

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