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MBTA ditches honor system parking pay boxes, roll out PayByPhone

The MBTAaxed their honor box payment system in their parking lots, replacing them with a PayByPhonesystem that allows riders to pay using their smartphones or any other device that can connect to the web.

This new system is similar to the electronic tolling used on the Tobin Bridge, where license plates corelate with payment plans. That eliminates the need for cash payments entirely.The T said that 75 percent of customers already use PayByPhone where ever it is available.

Should customers decide not to sign up, the T will mail a monthlyinvoice to the address listed on the vehicle’s registration. Customers will also receive reminder invoices and notices for non-payment, which come with a fine if the invoices aren’t paid within 30 days.

The following information was posted on the T’s website:

“Methods of payment:

“Effective Monday, July 6, 2015, PayByPhone customers can make payment over the phone or using the PayByPhone app. Sign up for PayByPhone at www.paybyphone.com. Discounted monthly permits are available at most locations.

“Payment can be made by any phone at 1-866-234-7275.

“Customers not using PayByPhone will be invoiced on a monthly basis and can pay online or by check.

“PayByPhone customers pay $4 to $7 depending on parking lot.Invoice customers pay $4.50 to $7.50 depending on parking lot.Discounted monthly permits are available at most locations.

“Invoice Schedule plus fines and penalties:

“Monthly invoice: For parking transactions within the preceding thirty-day period, customers have thirty (30) days from the invoice date to make payment.

“Thirty days after the invoice, asecond notice will be mailed — each unpaid parking transaction is assessed a $21 late fine.Thirty days after the second notice, the third notice will be mailed — each parking transaction not paid as of the third notice date results in a hold on the vehicle owner’s driver’s license and/or vehicle registration. The hold cannot be removed until all parking fees and fines are paid. A $20-per-ticket RMV fee is added at this time.

“Total late fines will be capped at $500 per calendar year per vehicle plus the $20-per-ticket RMV fee.

“The new program will be implemented starting July 6, 2015.

“The current notice will be used for these tickets. The first notice is mailed after twenty-one (21) days from the ticket issue date, the second notice is mailed twenty-one (21) days after the first notice date, and the third notice is mailed when the ticket is marked at the RMV.

“General information:

“The PayByPhone payment structure applies to all parking facilities that used the honor box payment system. Garages and manned/attendant parking lots are not affected.

“Daily Parking rates range from $4 – $7 per day.

“Monthly Parking permits and pay-by-phone options are available at many parking facilities.

“Overnight Parking is available at a limited number of facilities with a special overnight rate charged at some locations. There is a seven day maximum for overnight parking.

“Winter Parking : After snow accumulation during the winter months, MBTA parking facilities implement their Snow Policy and you are not required to pay in advance. Visit Winter Parking for more information regarding the Snow Policy.

“Surcharges: A $1 surcharge will be incurred for customers who do not pay in advance. Failure to pay the full parking fee and $1 surcharge within twenty one calendar days will incur an additional $20 surcharge. Visit Parking Regulations for more information regarding parking fines and surcharges.

“Location numbers

“Note: Parkmobile will still be available only at the Attleboro and Mansfield parking lots.”