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MBTA: Getting ready for the winter

The T learned from last winter’s wallop and has prepared ahead this season to make sure plans are in place in case of severe storms and snowy weather.

But riders should still expect delayed services on both the Commuter Rail and subways if the snowfall pummels the Bay State.

As a precaution this year, the T will operate reduced services during those times.

“Trying to maintain a full schedule will be difficult for us not only during the storm but recovering from the storm,” said interim T General Manager Jon Davis.

However, the transit system has launched a new section on its website specifically targeted towards winter on the T.

“We want customers to know what to expect if we know a big storm is coming,” said T worker Josh Robin.

According to officials, the T also spent $800,000 on new equipment for the subways to clear snow and battle bad weather — something they didn’t do last year.

Similarly, the Commuter Rail upped the ante this year to combat blizzards.

The Purple Line obtained “snow jets,” jet engine-powered snow blowers, to clear snowdrifts and built-up ice.

Crews also spent the last six months winterizing both commuter and subway lines, according to officials.

And when the snow starts to pile high, snow removal efforts on platforms, in front of key bus stops and at parking garages will be increased and expedited.

“This is a more aggressive campaign compared to last year, which was reactionary,” said Assistant GM Michael Turcotte.

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