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MBTA prepares for cold weather snap

MBTA prepares for cold weather snap
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The MBTA has been working hard all Tuesday night to prepare for the predicted cold weather coming Boston’s way.

Some of the work done, however, was unrelated to the cold temperatures,WHDHreported.

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“We have a very old system. A lot of the components of our infrastructure have been built decades and decades ago,” MBTA general manager Frank DePaola told WHDH.

In anticipation of the cold, trains on the Blue, Orange, Red and Green lines were driven back and forth all night to fight off freezing. Track switches will be constantly moved back and forth as well.

The preparations come after the MBTA’s most recent cold weather fail earlier this month.

On the first truly cold day of the year, the MBTA’s $84 million Winter Resiliency Plan did not come through and the system saw at least four instances of “rail issues.”

Here’s hoping round two goes better than round one!

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