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McCartney opener looks ahead to weekend concert

MySpace is a popular way for aspiring musicians to promote their music, but it seems to work for well-established acts too.

When Paul McCartney’s managers were looking for opening bands for the ex-Beatle’s concert at the Halifax Common, they went to MySpace after getting a tip that Wintersleep and Joel Plaskett Emergency could be just what they were looking for.

And after listening to their music, they decided the two Halifax bands were a perfect fit.

“It’s very exciting. Paul McCartney is obviously pretty much one of the biggest musical celebrities in the world,” Loel Campbell, drummer for Wintersleep, told Metro Halifax. “It’s going to be cool to have a very solid home team representing at the show — that’s neat.”

And the audience should number in the tens of thousands, easily the biggest crowd Wintersleep will have ever played for.

But Campbell said he and his bandmates won’t be nervous when they take to the stage.

“It just flies by so quickly that you just don’t have time to notice (the crowd),” he said.

Truth be told, the band is more worried about how their parents will fare at the show.

“I’m more nervous about them being safe because they’ll be amongst a big crowd of people,” Campbell added.

The audience at the McCartney concert will be different from those at most Wintersleep shows, but Campbell isn’t concerned.

“It’s going to be interesting because there’s going to be so many people that haven’t heard us before. Hopefully they’re nice.”

Wintersleep has a busy summer planned with concerts in Atlantic Canada and throughout Europe. The band is also heading back to the studio to work on a new record.

“You know, just keeping busy,” Campbell said.

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