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McDonald’s is beating Starbucks to the punch, launching pumpkin spice latte first

If someone stops to ask you, “When do the pumpkin spice lattes come out?” they’re probably not talking about McDonald’s — but maybe they should be.

The Golden Arches is beating Starbucks to the punch this year when it comes to the pumpkin spice latte. McDonald’s pumpkin spice latte launches later in August; and while there’s no official Starbucks press statement yet about when the Instagram darling drink will launch, past years have seen the sweet sip introduced around Labor Day. (A local Starbucks in New York City is advertising that the pumpkin spice latte will hit the menu on Friday, September 1.)

A Twitter account run by a McDonald’s employee, dubbed McD Truth, posted the arrival of a long awaited ingredient on August 15: the pumpkin spice syrup. “It’s August and look what the delivery brought in…add $MCD to the early #PumpkinSpice adopters,” the anonymous account wrote.

McDonald’s confirmed to Business Insider that their pumpkin spice latte will launch later in August, though it’s not out of character for the company, as they launched the cinnamon-spiced latte last year on August 31.

The McD Truth account also have followers a sneak peak at the new coffee cups, although they’re not fall themed like Starbucks’ — which also means they should be immune to controversy unlike the annual Starbucks Christmas/winter season cups.

But McD’s isn’t the only early adopter of pumpkin spice season; Dunkin Donuts announced that it will roll out not only pumpkin spice lattes but also a whole range of pumpkin-spiked baked goods on August 28. If you have your heart set on an all-out pumpkin feast, plan on picking up their Pumpkin Donut (and a package of their diminutive counterparts, Pumpkin MUNCHKINS), Pumpkin Muffin and a bagel with some pumpkin cream cheese spread, which might be the only fast food pumpkin offering that actually uses the squash as an ingredient.

Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Latte

Dunkin is also launching menu items featuring a fall flavor that isn’t inspired by pumpkin pie: maple pecan. Grab one for your friend who wishes the pumpkin spice movement would stop already.

Need the sweet Seattle company’s version? You can get all the details about the release of Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte here.

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