McGregor Mayweather sparked a huge brawl in a movie theater – Metro US

McGregor Mayweather sparked a huge brawl in a movie theater

McGregor punching Mayweather

Conor McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr was touted as the biggest tussle in the history of boxing. Something that its predicted income of over $620 million will undoubtedly prove. But it wasn’t just about the money. The various run-ins between the pair, and the clash of their personalities, caught the attention of the public in a big way. Too big.

That’s because footage has now emerged of a huge brawl inside a movie theater in the immediate aftermath of the Mayweather McGregor fight, and it’s pretty gruesome to watch. You check out the footage of this makeshift rumble, which will instantly make you embarrassed to be alive, below. 

This altercation took place in northern England, in Bury, Greater Manchester, to be precise, and while the details are sketchy, it is believed that around 30 men were involved. Security at the Vue Cinema quickly became overwhelmed, which is understandable as there were only three of them (maybe worse odds than McGregor facing Mayweather), and the police were ultimately called to try and deal with the violence.

It’s believed that the fight broke out at around 5:30 am GMT, shortly after the fight between McGregor and Mayweather had come to an end. One eyewitness recalled the incident to the Daily Mail, but insisted that it has all been blown out of proportion.

“It was all over as quickly as it started. But there was probably about 30 people involved. There was only about three security guards. The staff did their best but they were clearly outnumbered. It was clear some of the people had been drinking.” That last point is an understatement. You can tell as much just from the drunken footwork of the idiots that were inspired to jostle by McGregor and Mayweather. Luckily, though, no-one was hurt in the incident.