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McNeil promises cheaper drugs for seniors

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil said Monday he would give a break to seniors needing expensive drugs by bringing back the $30 maximum co-payment they must pay while enrolled in the provincial pharmacare program.

McNeil’s election promise would reinstate a program Rodney MacDonald’s Tories removed last year.

Under the Liberal plan, seniors will continue to pay 30 per cent of individual prescription costs, but only to a maximum of $30 per prescription. The current plan requires seniors to pay 30 per cent of prescription costs, up to a maximum of $382 per year. McNeil would keep the yearly cap number the same.

McNeil said his new plan “will make a real difference to our seniors and the aging population across the province.”

“Just as an example, a Nova Scotian senior now pays $45 for a prescription that costs $150,” McNeil said in a news release. “Under a Liberal government, that person will only pay $30. On a month-to-month basis, this means older Nova Scotians will get to keep more of their money in their pockets.”

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