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Measuring Martha’s hip factor and a strange excuse for U.K. riots

1. Solar Flares

An article on TheWeek.com suggested solar flares, of all things, could be partly to blame for causing people to go off the deep end in the London Riots. Seems some scientists suggest these “geomagnetic storms” could have caused the unrest that week, as there is some evidence they impact human behavior. Everything I did wrong that week I now unapologize for.

2. Posters

ThePosterList.com was born in Toronto and created by a dude named Adam, who moved it to Long Beach, Cali a couple years back. What started as pop-art posters and postcards has now sprung into more, including T-shirts, frames and iPhone cases. But his posters are still King: heck, they have even appeared on Modern Family.

3. The Mayor, The Boulder

A smalltown Quebec mayor is being investigated after he dumped a 20-ton boulder in front of his ex-wife’s house as a prank. Seems she always wanted a big rock, so he delivered one on her birthday. The boulder has been removed, but lesson learned: It’s not ever a good idea to dump a giant boulder on your ex’s driveway, especially if you’re a public official.

4. Dads On Vacation

This Tumblr blog could really catch on. It’s simply awkward pictures submitted of dads posing on vacation with landmarks and such. Think of it as a spinoff of the hilarious site AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. All that’s needed now is a site for moms to post pictures of themselves from Girls Night Out. Actually, those should maybe stay in the vault.

5. Brett Lawrie

Remember that name. Because the 21-year-old pride of Langley, B.C., will become a household one. He may be the most hyped Toronto Blue Jay of all time, but when you’re a hard-nosed Canuck with amazing raw talent playing on the only Canadian MLB team, that’s to be expected. He has a grand slam. All Star appearances, MVP awards, World Series rings all to come.

6. Tara Reid Engaged! No! Married!

Tara Reid tweeted over the weekend that she was in Greece and engaged to beau Zack Kehayov. Hours later, she tweeted she had married now-fiance Zack Kehayov. We thought long courtships were the way to go to make sure the fit was there, but now whirlwind romances that you tweet about will be all the rage. Not.

7. Kate Gosselin Cancelled

Good riddance — TLC announced this week that Kate Gosselin’s reality show Kate Plus 8 will be shuttered after this season. The show reached its peak around the time the marriage of Kate and Jon was melting down before our eyes when the show was Jon & Kate Plus 8. As a Gawker post commented, “[The kids] know not the craven greed machine they were plugged into.”

8. Blake Griffin

NBA superstar Blake Griffin might have delivered the tweet of the week to his 460,000 followers: “Accidentally hit a squirrel yesterday in my car. Feel so guilty I could barely sleep. Casey Anthony is a monster.” Enough said.

9. Teen Vampire

A 19-year-old dude in Texas broke into a complete stranger’s apartment on the weekend and began making “growling and hissing noises” while “biting and hitting” her. When apprehended, the kid told police, “I’m a vampire, and I’ve been alive for over 500 years.” Or he’s just watched Twilight one too many times.

10. Martha Stewart Hip?

On Wednesday evening, Martha Stewart tweeted this dandy, “Do you think I am hip?” Now it got quite the reaction on Twitter, but a tweet response from @ltblalock probably sums it up best: “@MarthaStewart I love you Martha, but “hip” isn’t an adjective I would use to describe you.”

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