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Meek Mill is going to prison, and the reason is pretty dumb

Meek Mill Arrest

Monday, a Pennsylvania judge sentenced rapper and former boyfriend of Nicki Minaj — sorry to bring that back up, Nicki, it had to have been a dark time — Meek Mill to two to four years in prison for violating probation. After he failed a drug test, he was immediately taken into custody.

Variety notes that the sentence was unexpected. Prosecutors recommended the 30-year-old not be imprisoned for the probation violations, as he’s been drug-free since January and has complied with most of the probationary requirements. He was arrested twice this year — once in March at St. Louis International Airport for misdemeanor assault, and another time in August in New York City for reckless endangerment while driving his motorcycle. But both cases were dropped after the rapper agreed to community service requirements.

The real kicker here, though, is the one that The Sparrow Project brought up on Twitter.

“For a failed urine test, Meek Mill was sentenced to more jail time than Darren Wilson (Michael Brown’s killer), Timothy Loehmann (Tamir Rice’s killer), Daniel Pantaleo (Eric Garner’s killer), Sean Williams (John Crawford’s killer) [and] Michael Slager (Walter Scott’s killer) COMBINED.”

Suffice it to say, the system is broken.

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