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Meet Laura Ingraham’s brother Curtis, who called Fox News host the ultimate ‘hypocrite’

Curtis Ingraham

The brother of conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham is speaking out against his sister, calling her “the ultimate hypocrite” and “a monster.”

For several months this year, Curtis Ingraham used his Twitter account to slam Laura, whose career as a conservative commentator began in college, when she outed students attending a meeting of the campus gay support group by publishing their names in the student newspaper. More recently, on her nightly show The Ingraham Angle, she mocked school-shooting survivor David Hogg, 17, for not getting into his first-choice colleges, and told NBA star LeBron James to “shut up and dribble” instead of criticizing President Trump.

On his Twitter account — which is now offline — Curtis Ingraham encouraged advertisers to boycott Laura’s show because of her comments about Hogg. After her LeBron James comments, Curtis revealed Laura’s past approach to race relations: “My sister’s racist comments date back to her freshman days at Dartmouth when she would mock her black roommate by speaking jive with her friends. Shameful! #IngrahamAngle@IngrahamAngle @davidhogg111 @Hadas_Gold” He wrote as @CurtisIngraham1 on Sept. 1.

Curtis also shared tidbits about their family history, asserting their father was sympathetic to Nazis. “We grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father who was a Nazi sympathizer. Like father like daughter?! This was the familial soil that gave bloom to my sister’s anger,” he wrote on Aug. 9.

In a 1997 Washington Post op-ed, Laura Ingraham wrote that Curtis, who is gay, had changed her homophobic views as she watched him care for his partner, who died of AIDS complications that year. Once close, the two Ingrahams are not on speaking terms now.

In an interview with the Daily Beast on Wednesday, Curtis called Laura “a monster,” “destructive” and “extremely angry,” saying, “She’s very smart, she’s well spoken, but her emotional heart is just kind of dead. And you see it in her face when you see her on TV. She’s ready to destroy. She does not listen to understand—she listens to respond. And her response is always an attack.”

Curtis said he was moved by his sister’s 1997 op-ed, but she later became more religious and began to backtrack on LGBT rights, opposing same-sex marriage. Curtis viewed it as a betrayal. “That goes against my ethics,” he told the Daily Beast. “You’re destroying me. It’s hideous, it’s hideous behavior … That’s what I’m trying to unveil here, the hypocrisy. ‘Family’s first, I know about gay rights, my brother is gay.’ It’s all a sham.”

Ingraham responded to Curtis’s tweets in a statement to the Daily Beast: “My siblings and I are shocked and saddened to learn of these false and hurtful online postings,” she said. “Although we’ve been estranged from him for many years, we love our brother and miss him very much.”

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