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Meet Nelson, the rescued Shar Pei pug, who needs a home for Christmas

A Shar Pei pug puppy named Nelson, who was surrendered to the Boston MSPCA after it was bought at a Missouri puppy mill was still taking his medications and getting lots of sleep this weekend as he continued his recovery.

Nelson endured a 20-hour truck ride from Missouri to Massachusetts last week, the MSPCAsaid, and became critically ill with Giardia, an intestinal illness that caused severe dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea.

Now, Nelson is up for adoption in the Boston area.

“Make no mistake, Nelson is the face of online puppy sales, in which unsuspecting buyers purchase dogs from thousands of miles away and with no opportunity to inspect the living conditions or to meet the pets in advance,” said MSPCA’s director of public relations Rob Halpin.

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Surgeons removed a mass of tangled intestines from his abdomen before untangling and re-inserting them, Halpin said. He has been on a heavy doses of antibiotics and pain medicine.

The puppy ended up at the MSPCA when the person who had bought him online, sight unseen, from a “puppy mill” breeder only a week before, Halpin said.

“The poor little guy is still very nauseous and not eating on his own,” the MPSCA wrote in a Sunday update on Instagram. “Keep sending good thoughts (and donations if you’re able) his way!”

On Friday, Halpin said his progress is so promising, he will be available for adoption in time for Christmas.

“The MSPCA’s message of “Adopt Don’t Buy” never rings more true than today,” Halpin said.

“Nelson’s plight focuses a spotlight on the dangers of ‘online only, pet sales, in which buyers are not able to visit the breeder to inspect conditions or meet dogs before purchasing,” MSPCA manager if animal care and adoption center Alyssa Krieger said. “This was a classic puppy mill situation and it’s not surprising to us that Nelson was so sick, he was likely critically ill before he was even brought to Massachusetts.”

Halpin Nelson’s surgery and hospitalization cost nearly $4,000 and was paid for via the Alison Irving Fund, which was established in memory of a former MSPCA-Angell employee and enables the organization to treat thousands of animals every year before they are placed for adoption.

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