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Melania Trump’s FLOTUS fashion — the hits and misses

The fashion of a First Lady has always been in the eye of a beholder. While some people might cite the likes of Jackie O. and Lady Bird Johnson as fashion icons, we like to give credit to the overlooked first ladies of the United States. The ones that we have no proof whether they were fashionable or not — looking at you Mary Todd Lincoln, you hoop skirt wearing goddess. 

But we digress. In recent years, Michelle Obama redefined what it mean to be a fashionable first lady, taking cues from her chic-in-chief predecessors, donning everything from Narciso Rodriguez to Alexander McQueen to J.Crew.

While Michelle gave us eight glorious years of fashion and, you know, marked lack of referring to countries as “s—tholes”, now we’ve been blessed slashed cursed with Melania Trump — a woman who sure seems like she wants nothing to do with politics at all.

Melania has certainly had her fair share of fashion dos, as she often tends towards simple pieces in bold colors. But she’s had a whole bunch of fashion don’ts, too: Remember that plagarism-chic look she donned when ripping off a Michelle Obama speech? You know, the one that looked like it had artfully coiffed toilet paper rolls at the bottom of the sleeves? Or the pussy bow blouse she wore at the debate, and we were all like, “Is she making a statement!?” but the answer was, probably not? Ah, memories. Things were so much simpler then.

We’re taking a look at some of Melania’s best and worst fashion looks from the last year, from the “Meh,” to the “Girl, I guess.” It’s a gonna be a journey! But not that much of a journey. Her hair literally stays exactly the same with every outfit — we guess that’s one of the few things she and her husband have in common.