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Meow Parlour starts a fan club for cat lovers

Kazu & Company

Not loving cats is unfortunate. Maybe check that your immortal soul hasn’t been bargained away in a banjo duel?But us crazy cat ladies have a different problem: not having enough outlets for ourexcess emotionsabout them.

The partners behindMeow Parlour, New York City’s first cat cafe, understand. Besides giving us a spot to hang with the (adoptable) furry creatures our landlords shun — and also serves coffee and pastries! — their new project is a chance to express ouraffection like we did when our world revolved around Jonathan Taylor-Thomas: a fan club.

Kazu & Friendsis intended to spread the joy of the crazy cat life to the rest of the country while supportingKittyKind, the cafe’s adoption partner. Subscription fees are $65 for six months or $125 for 12 months, and include a monthly voucher to visit Meow Parlour. In addition, every month members will receive various cat-related swag, as well asa letterfrom the Cat of the Month. For June, that’sBeetle, who has a crooked tail and likes to headbutt people. JTT who? Petition to havethe swag occasionally be posters so we can worship appropriately.

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