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Métis institute to receive $61 million

Officials from The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) met with Laurie Hawn, Edmonton Centre MP parliament secretary to the Minister of Defence, Thursday to announce a $61-million grant to a new project entitled the Rupertsland Institute.

“The government takes very seriously our commitment to Aboriginal Peoples, Métis, First Nations, and Inuit,” Hawn said.

“I think $61 million will go an awful long way to help Métis people, especially in this area.”

The institute will develop and deliver programming and services to the Alberta Métis population in relation to the labour market and education assistance.

The MNA has been offering assistance programs for the past 15 years in these areas. The ability of the institute to offer more advanced services will stimulate growth in the aboriginal community.

“I’m a product of the Métis Nation’s initiatives, as well as the federal government,” said Adam Letourneau, chair of the Rupertsland Institute.

“The main initiative is to help Métis people get to parity with the rest of the population, especially in terms of education and ultimately as members of the workforce.”