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Metro Bet review for FanDuel online New Jersey sports book

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Here is a MetroBet sportsbook review on FanDuel. MetroBet will be reviewing all New Jersey online sportsbooks and will update this section regularly to reflect possible improvements and/or setbacks with the online sports betting sites in the state.

You can bet on live sports at FanDuel Sportsbook right now if you are in the state of New Jersey.


FanDuel sports book review

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sign-up for a FanDuel sports betting account. I did not have a daily fantasy account through FanDuel as I have primarily used DraftKings for DFS purposes. The FanDuel mobile site makes it clear right off the bat that the DFS and sports book are two separate entities.


The site immediately asks you to deposit funds to bet (a little aggressive but that’s why we’re here, right?). I deposited $100 and FanDuel matched as promised – giving me $200 to play with. The minimum deposit is $10.

One thing I’ve found in reviewing these sites so far is that many sites claim to give you a $200 or $250 bonus immediately. But it’s sometimes not that easy. A site will give you a promo code and somehow it has already expired. FanDuel gives you your extra money right out of the gate simply because you made a deposit.

The registration on the site took two minutes. Basic stuff – address, phone number, Social Security number (I know … but good luck finding a site that doesn’t ask for it).

The site was extremely easy to navigate and I found the game I wanted to bet on immediately (Yankees at Rays).  I put $10 on the Rays (I only bet big money on football) to give the site a test run and found no issues. The game was very easy to follow from my phone. I also bet on a future NFL game (Eagles at Titans) just to see if that would take precedent over my current live bet. Nope.

If you click on the silouette in the bottom right-hand corner it gives you all of your account history with a “Bet Slip,” “Active Open Bets tab” and “Settled bets.” Example here:


My bet on the Rays hit and I wound up winning $18. It was immediately reflected on my overall balance. And it gives you the option to withdraw the funds at any time.


The only real negative I had was with the standard non-mobile desktop version of the site. Despite using New Jersey Wi-Fi (I was in East Rutherford), the standard website kept asking me to download GeoComply to locate me. I did, and it still could not locate me. So I just downloaded the app on my phone. Should have done that in the first place.

These sports books know full well that most people are placing these bets on their phones while at the bar or on the couch. Your best bet for any online sports betting site is to download the app. Makes things a hell of a lot easier.



When sports betting was legalized on a state by state basis everyone said that FanDuel and DraftKings would be ahead of the competition because they already had the infrastructure from DFS. That is certainly the case. The FanDuel book could not have been easier to use. The security of the site was there, the navigation was great, the payouts for a win were there. Hard to find much of a weakness.

4.5 out of 5 STARS

FanDuel sportsbook review

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