Metro Exclusive: Banner tells Patriots ‘Cheaters look up!’ – Metro US

Metro Exclusive: Banner tells Patriots ‘Cheaters look up!’

There will be an unwelcome guest at New England Patriots practice on Thursday morning and it might just deflate the defending Super Bowl champions on their first day of training camp. Metro New York has learned that a plane will fly over practice with a banner message reading ‘Cheaters Look Up! @JetsFanMedia’ – words clearly targeted at the Patriots organization in light of the recently under-inflated football scandal from last year’s playoffs.

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The plane is being paid for by the same Jets fans behind the FireJohnIdzik.com billboards and the ‘Bring Back Ed’ movement to see the return of ‘Fireman Ed’ to his prominent role at MetLife Stadium.

The message, which includes the Twitter handle for the group’s new website of NYJetsFans.com, is aimed specifically at a Patriots organization whose run of success is now tarnished slightly by the recent ‘Deflategate’ scandal. It is a moment of pure joy and glee for Jets fans who have watched their rivals to the north be the dominant team of the division for the past decade.

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“The time has come for Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft to start dealing with reality. Sports fans are not stupid. We have seen this act before from disgraced former superstar athletes. People like Lance Armstrong and Ryan Braun who challenged the system after they got caught red handed. Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, A-Rod, Roger Clemens – the list of people who lied after they got caught cheating is sadly endless,” said Jason Koeppel, one of the masterminds behind FireJohnIdzik.com and today’s plane fly-over.

“Why not learn from their mistakes? Take a lesson from Pete Rose who is still banned from baseball because of the way he acted after he got caught. Give up your ridiculous campaign of lies and accept your punishment. Have some integrity. Stop this ‘Tom Foolery’ today.”

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The plane is expected to fly over the team’s first day of practice which is open to the public. The plane is owned and flown by Ashley Chalmers of Jersey Shore Aerial, the same company that has done similarly notorious flyovers last season of Jets games and practices.