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Metro Minute with snowshoeing

Today is the last day of fall (try to stifle your laughter) before winter wallops us with a three-month snow bath.

What’s that you say? It’s already snowed more this month than all of last winter combined? In that case, there’s only one thing to do:Strap on those snowshoes and make friends with the enemy. Because there’s no better way to feel like a true Canadian than stuffing your frozen tootsies into a pair of inverted tennis rackets.

If you don’t have an entire room in your basement dedicated to these wintry appendages, you can rent them for $5 a day at Enduro Sport (94 Laird Dr.) and hit the iced-over roads.

Rent a pair of snowshoes and hit the road. Chances are, you’ll make it to work faster than you would in your car. Local rentals at endurosport.com.

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