Metro Snapshot: May 5, 2008 – Metro US

Metro Snapshot: May 5, 2008

In the west, four ducks who were caught in oily waters are being helped
by an emergency wildlife rescue team and may be returned to the wild if
they can meet stringent release standards. In the east, New Brunswick residents who were caught in flood waters are being helped by the provincial government and may be compensated up to $80,000 per homeowner. Talks between the Canadian Auto Workers and Ford Canada have lead to a new three-year deal, while Defence Minister Peter MacKay has denied reports of arranged talks between Canadian soliders and members of the Taliban. Meanwhile, a public inquiry into police use of the Taser starts today. This was prompted by the death of Robert Dziekanski at a Vancouver airport last October.

Iran’s top leader says his country won’t bend to international pressure and give up its nuclear program while the Dalai Lama puts delicate pressure on China to give Tibet autonomy. A poll shows most voters think Barack Obama has done a good job handling the controversy surrounding his pastor and he’s said to have home court advantage in predominantly black Gary, Indiana. A cyclone killed nearly 4,000 people in Myanmar, a large wave killed nine people in South Korea, and evacuees fleeing a volcanic eruption in Chile want their town moved.

The Penguins move onto the next round of playoffs with Hossa’s overtime goal, Barbara Walters talks about how she scored with a married U.S. Senator in a 1970s affair, and Paula Abdul blocks shots accusing her of being drunk while judging. Meanwhile, Iron Man steels the show at the box office.