Metro US boosts monthly readership to 4 million in print and online - Metro US

Metro US boosts monthly readership to 4 million in print and online


One million people a day picked up a copy of Metro newspaper in New York, Philadelphia and Boston last year, marking a significant rise in readership amid an otherwise declining market, according to the latest readership survey by Nielsen Scarborough. That represents a 16-percent jump compared to a recent 7-percent dip for other daily print newspapers. The boost translates to more than 138,000 new Metro print readers a day.

Metro US now reaches nearly 4 million print and digital readers a month.

Breaking down the numbers, a combined 3.4 million people read a copy of Metro in New York, Philadelphia and Boston each month in 2016, and an additional 518,000 nationwide visited Metro.us, according to Google Analytics.

Taken together, the print and digital editions reported a 20 percent spike in readership year over year.

Yggers Mortensen, Metro US publisher and CEO, said he was “delighted that our editorial content resonates with millions of metropolitans — as our growing audience in print and online testifies. I would like to thank our readers for their loyalty, our advertisers for their trust and our staff for their hard work and dedication.”

The strong results helped Metro New York reach 1.5 million readers a week in print and online, making it the most read free daily newspaper in Greater New York. Print growth was bolstered by a distribution partnership with the MTA, providing Metro with new racks at 100 subway stations, with each rack holding 700 copies of the paper.

In Philadelphia, Metro’s readership jumped 24 percent. It now reaches 743,000 Philadelphians a month and nearly 40 percent of all people working and living in the city.

Boston also marked significant growth last year, with a 13 percent increase in readership and a monthly audience of 451,000. Now, nearly one-third of people living and working in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, read Metro.

“While most print media vehicles are seeing their audience shrink, Metro’s print audience is growing in an increasingly digital and connected world,” said Wilf Maunoir, Metro’s marketing and research director. “Thanks to Metro’s unique editorial formula and innovative free distribution model, Metro is a hybrid media. It combines the benefits of print and transit media.”

Metro US can attribute its success to its talented journalists, advertising, sales, marketing and distribution team who help deliver provocative and thoughtful local news and entertainment coverage each day. Standing behind it is Metro’s global network of 100 newspapers.

“Metro covers everything you need to know about everything that matters,” said Editor in Chief Alek Korab. “It’s the best way to overcome FOMO — the fear of missing out — when it comes to hot news, President Donald Trump, the best movies and TV, going out in the city, and looking good doing it. In print and online, our motto is: ‘Miss nothing. Know everything.’”

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