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Metro’s 2012 sex poll: Kink, kink and some more kink

As part of Metro’s annual sex issue, we explore today’s hottest sex trends both locally and nationally. For more of this year’s theme — kink — check out our interview with a New York City dominatrix and why masturbation is good for you

What’s your kink of choice?

You really enjoy your public displays of affection: An overwhelming 42 percent of survey responders admitted to having sex outdoors or in public. And, while your parents might have told you not to play with your food, now that you’re an adult you enjoy bringing the edibles into the bedroom (21 percent).

Three’s never a crowd: 13 percent of you have dabbled in a menage a trois. (Are 13 percent of you lying?)

About 14 percent have tried the dominant game while 10 percent have played the submissive, and an especially sexually adventurous 4 percent of you have tried on some S&M gear. Playing with candles (4 percent) didn’t light your fire as much as playing with butt plugs (9 percent). And a select few of you (4 percent) have a few sexy secrets that weren’t even mentioned.

Note to the 34 percent of you who said you weren’t kinky: Experiment. If butt plugs are too adventurous, maybe try food in bed — you probably eat there anyway.

What kind of erotica do you enjoy?

About a quarter (27 percent of you) don’t need outside materials to turn you on. But when it comes to your sexual media, the majority of you head online. Forty-five percent get excited from videos and Web clips, with a small portion of responders preferring to watch sex acts live (4 percent).

Erotic fiction tickles the fancy for 15 percent, while a tiny percent of you are hanging on the phone (2 percent). About 7 percent are lovers of the arts — pornographic photography art, that is.

Why is ‘Fifty Shades’ such a big deal?

For 10 percent of responders, you felt the most appealing part the “Fifty Shades” series was the fact that reading about sex is empowering. However, a lot of you also believed the books had people hooked because it made submissive fantasies more mainstream (8 percent).

Five percent couldn’t ignore that the books’ popularity was probably due to the connection to “Twilight,” while 6 percent felt the fantasy series’ basis in reality was what made so many people to read it.

Three percent felt the reason that “Fifty Shades” was so popular was because it was available on e-book, allowing allowing readers to peruse steamy scenes anywhere — even while riding public transportation.

How often do you have sex?

Look at the person next to you. Wink. Today may be your lucky day: 45 percent said they get busy weekly, which beat daily (8 percent) and monthly (12 percent) for the top spot. Only 1 percent have sex yearly, and 12 percent didn’t know or said “it depends,” but second place actually went to: “It’s been too long since the last time” (17 percent). Sorry, folks. May we introduce you to some virgins (6 percent)?

What fictional characters do you want to see getting it on?

Light the bat signal: 22 per­cent of you want to see Bat­man and Catwoman get busy. Marvel heroes Iron Man and Black Widow aren’t that far behind (11 percent), but you weren’t so interested in seeing Spider-Man finally land Gwen Stacy (5 percent).

For you “Hunger Games” fans, Katniss and Peeta (3 percent) beat out Katniss and Gale (2 percent).


What kind of lover are you?

1. Do you like to try new sex positions?

A. Only ones where my Snugglebutt and I can gaze longingly into each other’s eyes.

B. Nah, I know what works for me.

C. I open my copy of the “Kama Sutra” almost as much as my legs.

2. Lights on or off?

A. Candles, but of course!

B. Does (s)he look fat? Then shut ‘em off. Ruins my mojo.

C. Hmm. Well, the lights usually flash on AND off at the Happy Hardcore sex club.

3. What goes through your head during sex?

A. Love me, love me, say that you love me.

B. Let’s get to my stuff, already.

C. I wonder if (s)he’ll notice me reading the news on my iPhone?

4. Favorite background sex music?

A. “2 Become 1,” The Spice Girls. Or the “50 Shades of Grey” audiobook.

B. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” The Rolling Stones.

C. “Trapped in the Closet,” Chapter 9. A midget.

5. You prefer to sleep …

A. In something lacy, silky or soft.

B. Alone.

C. In a choke-hold.

6. Who’s your all-time fave celebrity couple?

A. William and Kate, the duke and duchess of Cambridge.

B. Jack Nicholson and … whoever he wanted.

C. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.

7. Mid-shagging you get the sense that your lover isn’t into it. You:

A. Reach for more warming lavender massage oil. Mmmm.

B. Don’t notice, don’t care.

C. Loosen his/her chains.

8. What was your favorite childhood activity?

A. Watching your favorite Disney fairy tale on repeat.

B. A tea party alone.

C. The swings.

Answer key

Mostly A’s. You’re a romantic. Consider adding a little edge, though. And stop calling people Snugglebutt.

Mostly B’s. You’re selfish (and a little rude). We’re kind of attracted.

Mostly C’s. You’re kinky. Roll up a newspaper and spank someone.

Shakthi Jothianandan

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