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Metro’s Kind of Free Weekend: Indie concerts, family-friendly Halloween celebration, and handstands!

Happy end of the work week, lower-middle-class friends! Feel like escaping the anxiety of playing the rope in an everlasting tug-of-war between your “GrubHub Comes First!” wallet and the enthralling, exciting, expensivebeckons of the Greatest City in the World’s nightlife? Don’t worry; as always, Metro’s got your back.

All Weekend

Ice Skating in Bryant Park

Bryant Park’s ice rink opens for the season this weekend! Beat the overly enthusiastic Christmas celebrators and tourists (yes, they’re often one and the same) to it and get your festive “I’m totally taking advantage of Christmas in New York. See, mom? It’s totally worth it paying ridiculous prices to live in a shoe box, no way am I going back to Minnesota” activities (and Instagram-worthy posts) out of the way early!

Where: Bank of America’s Winter Village at Bryant Park

When: As of this weekend, starting Saturday the 25th and running all the way until March 1st

Price: Free access to rink, $15 skate rental


Let’s Play Dress Up!

Five comedians reminisce on some of their most cringe-worthy, humiliating childhood memories by sharing VHS clips with their audiences (accompanied by plenty of self-deprecating, haha “we’ve all been there…right?” commentary, we’re sure). Of course, because Halloween is super close by, all of the videos will somehow involve costumes. Because regular-dressed embarrassment just doesn’t cut it these days.

Where: Videology, 308 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

When: Saturday, Oct. 25th, 7:00pm

Price: $8 (If you think of it as a movie night featuring costume-ridden America’s Funniest Home Videos with commentary, it truly is a small price to pay.)

LAVA Dance’sHandstand-a-Thon

A fundraising event for LAVA, a queer dance and acrobatics troupe based in the city, the Handstand-a-Thon doesn’t just feature handstands (as if that weren’t enough of a reason to go. Come on). There will also be food, drinks and performances. No confirmantion about whether these performaces will include acrobatics. It’s not specified, but we’re assuming it’s up in the air. Ha. Get it?

Where: LAVA Studio, 524 Bergen St.

When: Saturday, Oct. 25th, 3:00pm

Price: Free Admission

“Dust Paintings”

Artist Jenny Holzer has created a collection of paintings from government documents made available through the Freedom of Information Act. This particular exhibit features documents (many of which have the evident blacked-out blocks of heavy censorship) relaying accounts of torture (PC term: “enhanced interrogation”) by the CIA and U.S. military. Saturday is the last day to check out this poignant exhibit, if your mind is looking for any post-Friday/pre-Saturday night redemption.

Where: Cheim & Read gallery, 547 W. 25th St.

When: All day

Price: Free Admission

Trouble in Mind Showcase at Rough Trade

NYC is about to be taken over by a ton of indie bands in tons of awesome venues throughout the city. Among these (many of whom will be performing in free and first-come, first-served showcases) are several bands under the record labelTrouble in Mind. A fan? Awesome; you’re bound to meet like-minded, similarly-musically-inclined New Yorkers to socialize and compare vinyl collections with. Never heard of them? That’s almost better, because then you know it’s obscure enough to be cool. (Also free: mentioning your excursion to your friends and getting to a) acquaint them with a few new bands, b) have your friends know the artists, thus confirming that Your Friends Are In Fact Super Cool, or c) amusedly watching as they pretend to know exactly who they are). It’s a win-win-win.

Where: Rough Trade, Brooklyn

When: Doors open at 1:00, show begins at 2:00

Price: Free Admission


Bask in the Shade

A dance performance by the Brooklyn-based Jamal Jackson, Bask in the Shade is a high-energy experience that combines classical Malian movement techniques with modern-day African dance.

Where: The Actors Fund Arts Center, Brooklyn

When: 3:00 pm

Price: Free Admission

Howlin’ Halloween with FiDi Families

If you’re looking for daytime fun with the kids (or without the kids—no judgements!), look no further than this event, which will feature a photo booth, costume parade featuring anyone who wants to participate, pumpkin-decorating, and trick-or-treating (read: free candy before the actual night of Halloween. Score.) Be sure to rock your best costume!

Where: South Street Seaport

When: 11:00am to 1:00 pm

Price: Free

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