Metro’s Man and Woman of the Year: It’s your call

We’ve already asked members of our Metro Life Panel for their early thoughts — and the nominations have been fascinating.

President Barack Obama tops many people’s list for Man of the Year. So, too, does Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the hero pilot who landed his stricken jet on the Hudson River in New York.

Michael Jackson’s untimely death makes him the Man of the Year for many readers, and other nominees include Rush Limbaugh, Ed Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Menino, the mayor of Boston. On the sporting front, Yankees skipper Derek Jeter is a favorite. Also nominated is Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, who marks 10 years in the job with the iPhone setting new sales records.

What of our Woman of the Year? Michelle Obama is our first African-American first lady and has been nominated by many Metro Life Panel readers. Sarah Palin has rarely been out of the headlines and attracted several nominations. Oprah Winfrey announced she is leaving her show after 25 years — does she qualify as our Woman of the Year? Our readers think so, and they’ve also nominated octomom Nadya Suleman; Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina to sit on the Supreme Court; and even the pneumatic British model Katie Price, known professionally as Jordan (and no, we’re not joking about that.)

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