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Michelle Finamore on the Museum of Fine Arts’ world-expanding new show

Michelle Finamore on the Museum of Fine Arts’ world-expanding new show
Erik Madigan Heck / Trunk Archive; Courtesy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Technology and fashion are in focus at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston’s new #techstyle exhibit. Fashion arts curator Michelle Finamore says the merge is a natural one, as technology is as seamlessly incorporated into our lives as the clothes we wear every day. “People are interacting with technology on an everyday basis today,” she says. “No one leaves without their phones or computers. It’s part of who we are and it defines people in that regard.”

The new show features high-tech couture and ready-to-wear, including the incredible 3D-printed Kinematic Petals dress by Somerville’s Nervous System (made in one shot!) and heat-, wind- and light-sensitive ink-coated capes by The Unseen’s material alchemist Lauren Bowker and is now open through July 10.

When worlds collide

The show came together after Finamore and the Museum of Fine Arts took into account the multitudes of collaborations between the industries of tech and science and fashion. “There’s a flowing of creativity between these worlds and it’s amazing to see it happen,” she says., “We’ve hoping we’d have the moment to exhibit this and capture all of this energy between the two worlds.”

The concept began with MIT assistant professor and designer Neri Oxman’s 3D-print dress and grew to pieces from the likes of Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan.

Not quite opposites

If you think the posh fashion world isn’t ready to welcome the nerdy industries of science and tech, this show might be the one to prove you dead wrong. At their cores, each field relies heavily on technique and possibly explaining why some fashion designers are so eager to hop on the opportunity to consult with like minds in a saturated industry.

“I think designers are savvy and know this is the wave of the future,” explains Finamore. “They’ve created garments that are effective and cohesive, but they need to collaborate on the tech side to make them come to life. They know they’re not trained to be coders or developers, but they’re looking to those fields to learn to approach design from a new perspective.”

Fashion at the museum

Finamore says the #techstyle exhibit is also representative of a broader movement on the museum front, putting fashion and apparel at center of shows and collections.

I think more broadly in the museum world, museums are realizing that fashion is a draw,” the curator concludes. “It’s been really elevated in terms of being a discipline and appreciated as a form of art in and of itself. It’s had an impact of what we’re doing here and what I’ve put together.”

If you go

#techstyle at the Museum of Fine Arts
March 6 to July 10
465 Huntington Ave, Boston
(617) 267-9300