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Mike Huckabee’s Twitter could rival Donald Trump’s

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Mike Huckabee has a Twitter habit that could rival that of President Donald Trump himself.

Just yesterday, in an apparent attempt to defend Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ refusal to answer questions under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the former Arkansas governor and two-time presidential candidate tweeted, “Dems act like they never heard of atty/client privilege; AG is top atty in Exec branch; serves @POTUS and not stooge of Congress.”

Let that sink in for minute.

Huckabee seemed to suggest the president’s conversations with the attorney general of the United States should be privileged — forgetting the basic fact that Sessions is not Trump’s attorney, but rather the top public attorney in the country, serving the people not the White House.

The internet was all too eager to unload the civics lesson.

Mike Huckabee on Twitter

This isn’t the first time Huckabee has seen backlash from his no-filter Twitter habit.

In February, Huckabee took a shot at Sen. Chuck Schumer, who got teary-eyed while reading his response to President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

“This executive order was mean-spirited and un-American,” said Schumer, choking back tears. Schumer’s great-grandmother died in the Holocaust.

Huckabee’s response?

He tweeted, “Breaking news from Hollywood! Sen. Chuck Schumer cast in lead role for remake of ‘Boys Don’t Cry.’”

The response was swift and heavy. People decried Huckabee’s joke as tone deaf and transphobic.

Huckabee has become known for posting ill-advised and ignorant “jokes” on Twitter.

He told Esquite that when he tweets, it’s usually spur of the moment.

“When I tweet something, it’s usually spontaneous,” Huckabee told Esquire. “It’s usually provoked by something either I think is funny, or something that makes me either upset or angry, and I feel like I can respond with humor better than I could with rage.”

It has led to gems such as this April 10 tweet: “Breaking News! @united airlines will be renamed–will now be called UN-TIED and wont hog-tie passengers who have valid boarding pass.”

And, “How bad is @comcast service? I’d rather have Obama back as President than have Comcast.”

And this one, “Hillary shows contempt for people in her ‘basket.’ I think she blew a gasket. Her campaign headed for a casket.”

And how could we forget, “Breaking News! Jimmy Dean Sausage Co will be renamed GORSUCH SAUSAGE because he’s grinding up some Democrat Senators into PURE PORK SAUSAGE!”

Judging by the frequency of Huckabee’s Twitter “jokes,” he can certainly dish it out, but when the (inevitable) backlash came back down on him, all Twitter got was this: “I tweet for my amusement and your amazement. To haters trolls and humorless people – you really shouldn’t follow me. It’s way over your head!”

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