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Mike Pence officiates Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s secret wedding to Scottish actress

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Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin tied the knot with movie star wife Louise Linton this weekend with Vice President Mike Pence officiating.

The guest list was a who’s who of Washington with both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in attendance. Only Pence wasn’t ready to watch this one from the sidelines — the former Indiana governor officiated the wedding.

Trump reportedly didn’t have to crash Mnuchin and Linton’s nuptials, as he was actually invited.

The president has become known for crashing weddings held at his many properties when he’s in town.

Mnuchin, 54, has been engaged to the 36-year-old Scottish actress since 2015. Linton earned fame overseas taking on a variety of smaller roles in a number of different movies and television shows, the New York Times reported. Recently she has moved to producing movies, something Mnuchin also dabbled in prior to joining the Trump administration.

In May Linton stepped down as chief executive of Dune Entertainment, a company her fiancé Mnuchin had already divested from when he joined the Trump cabinet. The move raised suspicions the wedding would be moving forward since suggested a conflict of interest between Linton and the company.

Weddings like that of Hollywood couple Linton and Mnuchin can stir up a lot of attention, but the wedding, which was supposed to be a secret, almost stayed under wraps until Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross ruined the surprise last week.

While announcing Mnuchin at a conference in Washington, Ross said he and his wife “extend our congratulations and look forward to seeing you wed your dear fiancée, Louise Linton, on Saturday,” according to a Washington Post report.

Following the slip Linton confirmed the wedding plans but declined to release the name of the venue, citing security concerns.

“The wedding venue is a historical building in D.C.,” she told the New York Times via email.

The happy couple plans to soon move into their newly renovated mansion in Massachusetts Avenue Heights, which Mnuchin reportedly purchased recently for a cool $12 million and Linton said the pair are taking to Washington life, enjoying the museums and architecture.

Mnuchin has faced some pushback politically, however, as he is seen as a walking example of the “swamp” Trump promised to “drain” while on the campaign trail. Mnuchin worked for two decades at Goldman Sachs, launched a successful hedge fund and even worked in the movie biz, where he has amassed a fortune.