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Miles Teller partied hard, was arrested for public drunkenness

Miles Teller Arrest Public Drunkenness
Just another fall down drunken night. It's fine! Photo: Getty

Miles Teller is one of those guys who you know, acts for a living and has a face where you’re like — ‘Wait, who is he? What was he in? Oh you don’t know either?’ But this past weekend he was just like one of us plebes: getting garbaged in San Diego and then getting arrested for public intoxication. Oh, you didn’t do that this weekend? Me either! Oh well. There’s always next time.

But back to Teller: The 30-year-old was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning after police say he was drunk in public which like, why is that illegal, LOL.

TMZ reports that Teller was literally falling down drunk and refusing to cooperate with cops. He was partying with a group of friends when an officer noticed that he was having trouble standing up. Why you gotta be so nosy, lawman?

The officers offered to take Teller to a detox program — San Diego has a cool place where drunk people can go and sleep off their inebriation in the hands of volunteers. But he refused. The officers took him there anyway, and it all ended about as expected: He very predictably continued to be uncooperative. A spokesperson for the San Diego Police Department confirmed as much to People. “He was taken to the detox center where he was uncooperative and the staff rejected him,” said the source. “He was then arrested and transported to the local jail.”

The “Whiplash” actor was later released without bail. You know, just a standard Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Teller’s reps couldn’t be reached for comment, which is also not surprising. Remember when Esquire wrote a whole profile on him, praising him for his dickishness? They wouldn’t lie. 

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