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Miley Cyrus masturbates in sexy teaser from upcoming ‘Adore You’ video


Ok, so everyone has seen this clip that’s going around from Miley’s new music video for her song “Adore You,” right?

If you haven’t, because, I guess, you don’t have a Google alert set up for “Miley Cyrus” like I do, here’s the relevant info:

The teaser, which Miley posted to her Instagram over the weekend, features grainy, sex tape-esque footage of Miley, er, pleasuring herself.

I guess we now have the answer to the age-old question “where does one in eternal pursuit of shock value and press go after humping a foam finger while practically naked onstage?” One goes to fingering oneself on camera.

But, OK, here’s the thing. Anyone who has read my column in this publication knows that I’m a hardcore Miley apologist. I think she’s awesome and, despite her annoying penchant for tongue-wagging, super talented! (“We Can’t Stop” was the undisputed, number one jam of the year, and maybe my life.) So, what I’m going to say next shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

I don’t hate this. Miley Cyrus is a next-level entertainer and whoever is handling her PR right now deserves a big, fat holiday bonus. MyCy (I’m still totally going with this, and don’t understand why nobody else has picked this up) was the most-Googled person of the year, which is pretty damn impressive considering where she started.

Also, I’m sure there’s an opportunity for a think piece on female empowerment and sexual freedom, etc, etc here. I’m not going to write it, I’m just saying there’s a window.

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